Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thanks to Trish

So, are you getting excited, curious, jealous (just kidding!), or maybe a little of all three!?!
The newness you are seeing around here is due to none other than Tricia Shiel of StreetDesigns and StreetCards. Trish is an oh-so-talented graphic designer, and she really shines in the World of Whimsy department. Trish is from London, but she used to live here in San Diego, and that is when she met my husband, Greg, and quickly got mixed up with our lot of friends. It was a sad day one May when she packed up her bits and bags, and her 1967 right-hand-drive cherry Porsche, and returned to her homeland. We still see Trish regularly, as she can't stay away, and joins our group whenever there's something too fun to pass up. She's a true gem, and we miss Trishie so much over here!

So, when Miss Heartless Etsy Designer closed up her shop and delivered her dose of negativity my way, I found a way to remedy the situation by hiring Trish. And, look at me now! An entirely new logo package, with a brand spankin' NEW Website that's so professional, yet whimsical too. Trish managed to capture my business model perfectly, and the nice thing is that she told me she had so much fun while she was at it. I couldn't be happier! And, really, you have to admit the site is full of whimsy and fun. It is actually still a work in progress, so if you keep checking back, you'll see small changes taking place here and there. And, guess what?! The site is going to be animated by Flash! (Okay, I don't really know what that's all about, but it sure sounds fun!)

So, if you're in the market for a web designer, give Trish a holler. Don't let the fact that she's in London scare you off. We managed to iChat and email every day, so the time difference didn't matter a bit. Don't worry about phone calls, because iChatting doesn't cost a dime. You simply must heed my advice, and forego cheap labor. Remember; pay peanuts, get monkeys. Pay a bit more, and get the best quality that you never knew would come your way.

So, thanks Trish. It just couldn't be any better! :o)


Mari said...

Val everything looks and feels beautiful!!! You will see that from now on everything will be positive!!

Tamerie Shriver said...

I love it all! You are so right about it (your new web site and this blog) being both whimsical and very professional, too! Trish did a great job. Can't wait 'til Friday!

TUTU Monkey said...

Val!!! I love the new look!!!!!!

See you Friday......have a wonderful week!!