Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wool: Sustainable, Warm + Breathable

I like wool. I really do. In fact, I'm pretty much in love with wool.

I love that it comes from wooly sheep in the form of a haircut. I love that the sheep locks are what're washed, combed and dyed for making into wool yarn, or wool roving. How can you resist this curly face?! (Lola looks like this right before she gets a haircut :o)

When I order a batch of dyed locks, they come with bits of the barnyard in them. (Love that too) First the cutie pies... then a hair trim... and the wool can end up like this...

I love the fact that you can change a wool sweater into felt by washing and drying it. And I love the fact that wool is sustainable. It is warm and cozy to wear. And it breathes, making it a wonderful all weather clothing choice. Wool is one of the most natural resources available to us.

Wooly Baby made these adorable bootlets. Ooh, I wish Wooly Baby would make some for ME! They looks so cute and cozy.

Here's one of my latest wooly creations. Made from recycled wool and cashmere sweater scraps, they are cozy lovables. I'm making lots of these "Wooly Baby Stuffs" to sell at Artisans' Alley.

Have a warm and wooly fall day!

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