Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Counting My Blessings

(Photo courtesy of MondoBeyondo. Thank you, it's lovely)

It's nearly Thanksgiving, and I can't help feeling the time is right for counting my blessings. To reach out into the world and offer some quiet ~thanks~, to spend some time considering all the goodness in life, and to put forth my ramblings in the right here and now. Perhaps even inspire you to take some quiet (or not so quiet) actions of thankfulness in your world too. :o)

~thanks: for having such an understanding and kind mate, one who never complains about my (sometimes) lack of helpfulness around the house, and doesn't mind cooking AND cleaning up the dinner

~thanks: for my everlasting environment of peace and happiness, close to the sea, living in the place where my heart feels fullest and happiest

~thanks: for the gift of health

~thanks: for nimble fingers and a creative mind

~thanks: for girls in my life who lift me up on wings of hope, laughter and love

~thanks: for allowing understanding in a sometimes seemingly unforgivable world (momentarily speaking)

~thanks: for giving me boys, when I was certain I needed girls

~thanks: for amazing Linda, who kneads the tightest knots out of my weary back and shoulders

~thanks: for the sweetest, most lovable dog ever on this entire planet

~thanks: for strangers and lovers of craft who support those of us who can't help but work with our hands

~thanks: for the hopefulness of tomorrow, and the promise of a beautiful, bright and shining day


Tamerie Shriver said...

Well said!

Maybe you should send me the link to LinkedIn.

The Five of Us said...

Oh Val, so well said!

Wallflower said...

Oh you inspired me to stop complaining and write a list too..... well. after I did a little complaining.....

E said...

Thanks: for being so inspiring!