Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Vignettes From Me To You...xx

Christmas has finally arrived at my house... 'thankfully!', my boys mutter under their breath. What they don't realize is the holiday festivities have appeared because we are hosting a holiday party this weekend. If not for that, the decorating might have taken even more of a backseat, because I'm STILL working on custom orders...

Here's a view of our Santa collection. Most are hand carved wooden pieces, gourds, or stuffed and painted canvas. All are handmade, and very special. It's a treat for me to take the Santas out each year, and display them in a special place.

These are a few of the special snowmen I've recently started collecting. I also love the old bottle brush trees. I admit I've only put half of my collection on display this year, due to my husband's plea of "please keep it simple", due to our upcoming gathering of friends who mock my passion for overdecorating. Usually, I display them on fake snow, and really pig it up. So, next year, I'll be back to my old tricks because for now I'm keeping it dang simple...

Okay, I couldn't resist displaying my favorite yarn in a stacked Christmas tree fashion. My husband has no say over this display, I love it so :o)

Here's my very most special display for this Christmas; a bouquet I made from pods and cuttings I purchased from a lovely farmers market in Colonial Williamsburg when we were there last month. Did I tell you that I want to move to Historic Williamsburg? I just know my soul is rooted in Colonial Virginia! Did I tell you that I want to sit and knit all day while wearing colonial dress and telling people "Good Day"? Did I mention that I dream of the wooded areas in Virginia, and I loved it there more than words can say? (sigh)

Here's a little friendly fellow, an acorn cap from Williamsburg which I've adorned with a needle felted acorn. Sweet, no?!

Back to Coronado... This lovely camilla tree is right outside our front door, and when the flowers drop off the tree, I can't help but line them up at the feet of St. Francis. They are more beautiful than words, and the blooms last in this manner for days.

Well, I hope you are having yourself a Merry Little Christmas season, or a Happy Hanukkah season, or Happy Kwanza, or just a plain old Happy Holidays!!!


Tamerie Shriver said...

Your decorations look lovely! And I love your camilla blossoms. Mine never look quite that good. Plus my tree is red. I like the pink better!

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy 2010!


Sandy Michelle said...

I am loving all your Christmas vignettes! Your acorn is too sweet!! Happy Holidays Val!

Sandy xox

Wallflower said...

Those bottle brush Christmas Trees!! I had forgotton all about them. We used to have a bunch of those as a kid. They are so utterly charming...