Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Constant Dinner Guest

Whether invited or not, look who shows up... our constant dinner companion, Mr. Singer. He tries to fix himself up with a dusting off of all the loose threads and fluff, and sends the wayward spools of thread and bobbins back to their sewing box. But he comes as he is, and when he's there, he seems to just stay PUT. Oh well, the workhorse that he is, I suppose he can sit, relax, and listen to our conversation. He deserves a night off every once in a while!

And guess who will be arriving soon to hang out with Mr. Singer? Well, who else, but Ms. Singer!! Hooray! As you know, I've been wanting a dress form, and I found the one of my dreams. It's an antique 1930's Singer adjustable dress form, and I found it on eBay. Guess what my winning bid was? .... $12.50! What luck! Ms. Singer is up in LA, but will soon be transported to Val's Art Studio to start her new and very active life here with Mr. Singer.

Oh golly, aren't we just one big happy family?!


sandra lee said...

He looks like a well behaved guest! I love it, you are too funny!

Karin said...

hee hee...kind of like my dinner glitter and mr craft stuff. They never leave.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Hey, he must be related to my dinner guest...Pile O Wool... :)

I've gotten lost in your blog this morning and I have to tell you that the color and happy has started my day off right.

Valerie said...

Hee hee! We crafters do bring quite the assortment of dinner guests! Thanks for your comments :o)