Thursday, December 3, 2009


Mmm humm, that would be me. Just two days before Artisans' Alley, no less. Here's how the bad boy went down...

So, living in a small town like Coronado, my motto is, whatever we can, we walk or take the bike. I was doing my errands on the bike on Monday, when all the sudden, a parked truck's huge door came flying at me. With no time to react, my bike and I were sprawled all over the street. I got up, seemed okay, and my bike seemed fine. I thought the driver was going to start crying, but enough about her. I just wanted to get away!

My hips seemed a little wobbly, but I did some stretching exercises, took it easy that night, popped a Motrin, and went to bed early. Okay for the next two days, I congratulated myself for making it through that incident with only two skinned and bruised knees, and mildly wobbly hips. Then, last night, I bent over, and POW! my lower back went out... wouldn't you know it? Dang it all, and dang that dumb woman driver who doesn't look into her rearview mirror before chucking open the biggest car door on the planet.

So, I'll be off visiting the chiropractor today, and maybe tomorrow. I'll be icing my lower back, and trying to stay away from doing too much. I won't be lifting anything, mind you, for about two weeks to come. (try that when you have about a million things to haul for a craft show) Sheesh! Why in the heck didn't I get that drivers license plate number, just so I could give her the old one-two punch like she's given me?!

Let that be a lesson to you if you ever get door slammed while riding your bike. At least stop long enough to get a name or a number, or at the very least, a license number. No telling what'll become of you after a few days of wobbly hips...

So, I will be at Artisans' Alley, bad back and all. If I'm lying flat on my booth floor, just give me a smile and a nod as you gently step over me. I won't mind a bit, and I'll be happy to chat and write up the occasional sale!


Tamerie Shriver said...

Egad! What bad timing. Hey, if you are lying on your back on the ground, I bet you'll get even more people stopping by. Since everyone is always (or so it seems, anyway) nosy, it will draw thousands of people and once they see your fabulous stuff, they'll have to buy. Just make sure your pen writes from the prone position!

See you on Saturday! Shall I bring ibuprofen?


Arlenesfelt said...

Ain't that always the way? Soak and ice and I hope you feel lots better this weekend. I'll check you out on Saturday.
Soothing thoughts to you

Valerie said...

Thank you Tamerie and Arlene, your comments made me smile. I'm in pretty good shape after the chiropractor, just stiff. See you on Sat!

Tamerie Shriver said...

Forgot to tell you that I love your face plant! Hopefully, yours wasn't quite as bad as the picture! Glad to hear you are somewhat better.

See you tomorrow!