Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now For The Necklace...

The necklace is all about... felt, what else?! Well, okay, included are beads and crystals, and the loveliest shibori silk ribbon you've ever seen.

So, my post about the dress and the necklace, both of which were responsible for several sleepless nights, finally resolved when I made up MY dress and MY necklace.

Somehow, people were confused, for it was Marcia deCoster who made the sample necklace in my post.

I suppose I had the felted leaves brewing their way into my subconsciousness, along with the Shibori silk necklace ribbon. I didn't like the unfinished portion of the ribbon, and that's when Marcia's inspirational beadwork woke me in the middle of the night, presenting the perfect finishing solution. Whereas Marcia's sophisticated clasp has an A and B side, mine is simplier; the ribbon ties on the back of the neck, either in a bow or a knot. Still quite a lovely solution, if you ask me!

I've made two of these necklaces so far. The first sold the moment it went on display, and the second is up at Somerset Studios being photographed for an upcoming jewelry publication.

I love the construction of this piece. It incorporates sculpture in the form of sculpting wool roving into the shape and size desired. It involves a small amount of metal sculpting, in that I add a handmade clasp on the back so the piece can be worn as a pin. It involves the selection of fabric in the shibori silk ribbon, and it involves a small amount of beading, which is about all the beading I can manage!

So, it pretty much covers all my bases. This piece makes for a home run in my book ;o)


Tamerie Shriver said...

If only I liked jewelry! I do love the way it ties and the fact that the back is just as pretty as the front! And I agree with you, definitely a home run!

glennis said...

glad you enjoyed using my silk shibori ribbon- i really love seeing others get creative with it and putting it to such great use!

Valerie said...

Hi Glennis! Yes, I love this ribbon. I bought it from my friend's shop, JudiPatudi at The Grove, who I believe bought from you at the Quilt show in Texas. The ribbons are glorious, and I'm glad I "know" you now too, so I can buy a particular color if Judy is low on stock. Thanks for visiting my blog!

TUTU Monkey said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE IT!!!!! You have such a wonderful talent....your use of colors is amazing!!