Sunday, December 27, 2009

Year End Musings + Thankfulness

Even though 2009 challenged us in many ways, if we can think of the things that made us feel thankful instead of what's made us grumpy, our reflections might prove that 2009 wasn't as bad as we thought after all. In an effort to put things into perspective, and get 2010 started off on the right foot, here are a few things I'm awfully glad that came into my life over the last year, and look for more good things to come as the new year soon gets underway.

*The blessings of being accepted as a needle felting teacher at Paper Tales, and all the creative women I've met along the way. I love sharing my craft with others, and showing them a new tool for bringing loveliness into their lives.

*A silly girl, Abbie, who is beloved to my mother. Abbie is a Bichon Frise, and a true princess. Lola and I share our mornings together with Abbie as we walk and visit with all the neighbor hood pups. Lola is friendly with everyone, while Abbie tolerates only a few. Abbie has taught me patience, and bossiness too, as it's very important that a princess pup not be the one in charge! Lola gave Abbie the special Christmas collar. Doesn't she wear it like a true princess?!

*Lola, who is the rock of our family, she keeps us playful and grounded, and teaches us that there's nothing more important that giving and being loved. She's such a special girl! Here she's playing in her new king sized bed she got for Christmas from Grammy and Abbie. She's gone ape for this giant new addition to our home. I swear it's made for a Great Dane!

*A holiday filled with more sales and custom orders than I have begun to count. Even though I am still recovering from all that work, I am so touched that you entrusted me with your special requests, and desires for special gifts for your loved ones. I continue to be energized by your enthusiasm for what I do, and will keep on doing it with all your support. I just know 2010 will be a great year in my studio, with lots of new and exciting ideas swirling around in my head. I can't wait to put the creative fingers in motion!

Birdie brooches for a custom order, ready to fly the coop!

Here's a beautiful custom sweater I made. The method I experimented with, piecing the felted sweater sections together, will take my work in a whole new direction this next year. I can't wait to get started with this!

*My continued love for knitting, which grounds me in a way like no other. My sweet Knitting Girls are a big part of my life, and our relationship takes me places I could never go on my own. I love you, Girls!!

*Most especially, my family. My boys are growing up so fast, I just can't believe it. It seems only yesterday that Kyle ended up in the ER the day after Christmas, after pulling the heavy reindeer stocking holder down on his head, thinking there were going to be treats in his stocking every day. Thankfully, the antler didn't put his eye out!

*And most of all, my husband, who is as silly with me as when we first met, 20 years ago. Dang! How in the heck does time fly by so unGodly fast?! Shucks...

Hey, Happy New Year to you! Enjoy the festivities, and please be safe. See you next year, where we'll share all kinds of adventures galore, and we'll just have the best time doing so. :o)


Doreen said...

This is a wonderful post. So happy to meet you. I LOVE your creations...they are so very beautiful.

Wishing you a joyous, safe & happy New Year. Doreen

Tamerie Shriver said...

Great post! And you are so right. In spite of the challenges of the past year, we all have so much to be grateful for. I know I am blessed to have YOU in my life. Your creativity and, yes, silliness, are an inspiration!

I wish for you continued success and happiness in the coming New Year! Here's to 2010!!!


swellknits said...

Oh, what a wonderful post. Such sage advice about looking for the good in 2009. Of course there is some! As I look back over the year, some of the happiest days I spent were with you and the other Knitting Girls. Thank you and I know we will have an even better 2010!

Sandy Michelle said...

Awww those are wonderful things to be thankful for indeed! Thanks for your sweet comments and birthday wishes! Happy new year Valerie!!

Sandy xox

Terrie said...

Though this is old post. I love reading it and all your creations.