Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daily Favorites

All in all, it was a very good day, considering the rough night I had last night, but that's another story...
I found myself in dreamland, finally, at 2:30am... yes, finally, ... And was all about Houses in my dreams. Houses and gardens... (These house pillow fronts were to be for pillows on their way to Beth Livesay, and an upcoming Somerset Home publication, but I'm already on to something else. I know, things change over very quickly around here!) Well, going to sleep at 2:30 meant a late wake up call, 9:30 to be exact. But, upon waking, I learned that:

a) my needle felted birdy had sold off the CraftHope for Haiti site, yea!
b) my needle felted Toasty pillow had sold off my Craft Hope section in my etsy shop, yea! (thank you, Sandy, again :o)
c) my Craft Hope Toasty pillow is going to be featured in an article by LaVidaModa, yea!
d) my needle felted Toasty sold off the Craft Hope site, too, and, yea!
e) I'd better get busy making Toasty pillows, ok, yea!
f) I had a lovely feature on the FeltPlum website, wow, YEA!

I know this image is smaller than even a good, young pair of eyes can see, but it's the upcoming article for LaVidaModa, set to come out mid-January (soon). See my little, tiny Toasty in the lower left corner? Sooo cute! You can subscribe to the magazine online by clicking here, and it will come directly to you in your inbox. How cool is that?!

Felt Plum is a great new site that I was turned onto by a fellow needle felter I've met in blog and twitter land, Wool Crazy. Well, some people are really in the know, and that would be the perfect description of Karen over at Wool Crazy! She is a fountain of needle felting knowledge. One look at Felt Plum's site, and ...bookmarked! A few emails and comments later, and sweet Rachel at Felt Plum has my number. With the gift of a Focus. Well, my husband looks at me like I'm crazy, but with all the "blog love" out here, how can I even think of not spending about 1/4 of my life in blogland?! So, yep, that's my number...

Now, onto the end of my day, when Greg and I had a very good chuckle over our outdoor creation... rather a crazy window sculpture, I think. What do you think of this:

So, what is IT???

I know, it really looks crazy! Well, here in SoCal, we are supposed to get 6" - yes, SIX INCHES OF RAIN over the next 3-4 days. See, that's how things happen here. No rain for 99.9% of the year, and it all comes in 3-4 days. Okay, this makes me rather tense, because we live in an old house, and when it rains hard, it not only rains outside, but it rains INSIDE as well. Three of our old windows are unable to keep out the rain, even as hard as they try! When it rains hard, you should see me in action. Running to the dining room to mop up inside the side window, then to the large arched window where many panes leak, then to the bedrooms, while all the while placing towels, wringing out towels, plastic everywhere, dryer running full tilt. Wow, can you see me doing this for the NEXT 3-4 days? Well, I CANNOT. So, my solution came in the trip today to Home Depot, where I bought flashing and flashing glue. I cut the flashing and Greg and I glued it up above the windows in an effort to shield the tops of the windows from the driving rain. Well, the first one fell down flat after we glued it, so out came everything and the scissors, to hold the flashing until the glue dries. It's quite the site outside!

Then, here's the supervisor, Lola. How she manages to stand in the spot with just enough light, I'll never figure out. I say she's taking notes for when she comes back, as a handywoman. She'll be extra good at vacuuming, and in hanging flashing, no doubt!

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Rachel said...

Hi Val
Thanks for your lovely mention of me and my blog!
much felty cyber blog love to you!