Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heart Handmade

This is when a wide angle lens camera would come in handy...

Here's my Valentine window decoration for Austin's Gallery. After a very late night of baking healthy apple cupcakes, and frosting paper hearts -instead of cupcakes-, with glitter and glue sprinkled everywhere.... even on the cupcakes (sigh). What can I say, I use what's handy! Those cupcakes were just what I needed to prop up the glittered hearts! It may be a little "cutesy" for the other artists who show their work there, but as Linda, the gallery owner said, "no one else is volunteering to do anything!" So, cutesy, it is. If you're in the neighborhood of 1024 C Street in Coronado, stop by to check out the cute and sparkly hearts fluttering as you walk by!

And, as for "cutes" (you know I'm all about them!), here's what I've been working on for an upcoming class at Paper Tales... Stuffed Toasts! We have Tattooed Pirate Toasty on the left, Cutie Pie Toasty in the middle, and Miss Kiss Me, I'm Toast! on the right. All with needle felted faces, a pat of butter, soft and fluffy breaded fronts and backs, and crust from recycled wool sweater fabric. Well, really... who can resist Toast?

And last but not least... remember Mr. Porcupine Pincushion? Well, even though he sits there with his back end unfinished (need to add beans to weight him properly, then figure out the best way to sew him closed), he's made his way back into my sketch book as a NEW design. Ooh, I can't WAIT to share this one with you, but I'm going to WAIT to post a picture when it's all done and ready for viewing... hee hee!


Tamerie Shriver said...

Val, the toast is just too cute! You are just so clever!


Sandy Michelle said...

Cute shop banner! I am so envious that I can't take your adorable toast class! I am also very jealous that it is so hot there ;(