Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Intentions 101

My declared intentions are working out for me in a fine way so far, and that's a good thing :o) (that phrase always makes me think of Martha Stewart). In any case, my new journal has been put to work as my "idea catcher", so today I thought I'd blog about it, the goods and the not so goods. Here's the journal in action.

Today, things over here are about Stuffs, and Porcupines. Just how these things come about, I can't explain. You'll just have to go with me on this. Well, I have been pondering Pincushions too, and wondering if they should be retired from my repertoire. Then, I came across the a picture of little stuffed friends (the small colored picture above), and pincushions are playing around with the idea they might like to be reborn as small stuffs instead of what they are now (rolled and molded felt). They need to be in the "Three F's Club"; Functional, Fun, and Friendly. But what Stuffs want to be poked with pins? Why, of course! A Porcupine wouldn't mind.

So, here's the pattern I came up with...

And here's the thing; I spent the better part of this afternoon working up Mr. Porcupine Pincushion, and frankly, I just don't like him... Sometimes these things work, and sometimes not... so, for the time being, he is shelved, and we are back to the Pincushion drawing board. I'm hoping for better luck next time regarding the idea catcher, and working out the details. Mr. Porcupine will likely go to work carrying around all my stray pins, and by tomorrow he might look a tad bit better to me. His cute mug may come into play in one way or another... on a different day!


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Totally adorable little porcupine. (pokeypines as my kids call them)

I admire you and your sketchbook. I know I need to keep one, but yet can't seem to do it.

Tamerie Shriver said...

It is so interesting to see how different people work. Since I can't really draw, when I think of an idea, I just have to do it, or write it down for future use. And that's what I am usually doing - writing it in my $1,000,000 Idea Book!

You may not like your porcupine, but I bet someone else would!