Monday, January 18, 2010

VivaLaModa #7 is Out!

... and my Mr. Toasty pillow friend is in it! Check it out by clicking the link here! What a great online publication. My Mr. Toasty can be found on page 5.... the FIRST article inside the mag. With a direct link to my shop. Wow, thanks Ainhoa. Thanks twice, once for featuring Mr. Toasty, and secondly, for making me aware of your great publication. I'm subscribed for good!

Okay, now to get back to the MOPPING UP. The rain storm has hit. Two of my three windows are behaving, but the big badboy window needs constant attention. We even had a door blow OFF the back of our house. Ooh, I'm not liking this one little BIT!


vesna said...

how nice!

Sandy Michelle said...

How exciting! I'm going to check it out now! I hope the storm calms down soon enough!

Sand xox