Friday, February 19, 2010

Hail to Heather

Uh, no, it's not the little ice balls that fall from the sky sort of "Hail". Heather did nothing, I repeat; NOTHING wrong. No, this is the "I love you" sort of hail. Or, maybe if that's too strong, it's the "You're the Greatest!" sort of hail. Yep, Heather did everything fantastically right!

So, who is Heather? Well, we haven't actually met. We are friends in blogland. Heather asked me to help her with pattern making for the nuno felted panels she creates. Heather just needed a little push and some coaching, which I provided. In thanks, Heather created some lovely scarves for me out of her carded and dyed roving. Here's how she did it, click here to see. One scarf was, she warned, a bit scratchy, so she said I mightn't want to wear it as a scarf. She assured me I could do with it what I want. Well, I hope I didn't go too far, for here's what became of that lovely scarf:

It's made a "nest" around this beautiful bird on his flowering branch. It is so dang pretty that I can't stand it! When I received the scarves from Heather, I had just finished making several pillow fronts, and was struggling with what finishing technique this particular pillow needed. Well, there sat those newly unwrapped scarves, one with a warning attached. Well, the color couldn't have been more perfect. So, one thing led to another, and now it's as perfect as it can possibly be. Don't you agree? And don't you agree that Heather is the top dog in the nuno felting scarf border fabric arena? I wonder how she feels about this honor. And, um, Heather... how do you feel about making up some more of these for me? Isn't it about time you need more help with that pattern?!!! Heather?... :o) You're the best!


Heather said...

Oh, Val...your pillow is just amazing!! I'm SO, SO pleased by how you made use of my little gift!

...and now it's my turn to give you "a little push and some coaching" :) and tell you that I'm available day or night for any felting questions/help that you might require when you try making your first nuno felt scarf!

Valerie said...

Touche, Heather! Yes, I've seriously been thinking "nuno" ever since I received your beautiful gift. Thanks for the gentle nudge!

Sabine said...

Love the pillow! And I really love your site redesign. The logo is great! I am the mom of the kid with the potato says hi website. Here is my site (, not much posted, but I am working on that. I suppose I need to have it in my schedule to get it done.

Keep up the fantastic projects!