Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Bluebird... My Favorite Shop

... though I've never actually set foot in the store! But who can resist a shop with a cute name like that?
For me, it's Hello, did you see that shop? Hang on while I go and check it out!

Well, Hello Bluebird is where I perch my east coast presence. You can read about it here. Alex has been a most gracious host to my felted wool creations. I (we) are hoping that peeps in PA fall as in love with my needle felted recycled wool as peeps here in So Cal. Since they've had a mighty snowy start to the year, lots of little peeps are sure to need some extra cute needle felted warmy goodness. Ahem, that's warm-y, not worm-y, okay?!

So, if you are anywhere near West Reading, PA., stop in and give Alex a shout, (she'd probably prefer a smile and a hello), and -please- tell her I send you. I think you'll love her shop's wonderful product mix, including my wooly goodness.

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