Thursday, February 11, 2010

New News

And it's all so exciting!

First of all, I have been invited to be a fashion participant in the Style Awards, Night of Stars 2010 Fashion Show. Okay, the word "participant" means that I have been invited to provide four children's outfits for THE FASHION SHOW. Yes, I will have four of my children's outfits walking on young sweet models down the runway!

You may not know what this means to me, but just let me tell you! It has been my life long dream (whoop!). Remember how I told you I would work all day at my job, and then stay up all night sewing at my little old Singer sewing machine during my non-boyfriend days in my 20's? What was going through my head in the wee hours of those mornings? Yep, you guessed it! "One day my fashions will be featured on the runway", and "My name up in lights; 'Val, Fashionista Extraordinaire!' ", and "Just this side of Vogue; Val!" Hey..., a girl can dream, right?! So, yeah. This girl's dream is coming true. I am so thrilled, I can hardlystoptalkingandthinkingaboutit, and, Ican'tsleepatnight, andI'msooooexcitedddddd!

Okay, shush! Onto other exciting news now.

I'm joining the goodness at Art n Soul on 101, up in Encinitas, CA! Yea! I have been wanting to become affiliated with a gallery up in North County in San Diego. Cindy Blumkin saw my booth at Artisan's Alley, the holiday craft fair in Coronado, and she has been wooing me to her shop in Encinitas ever since we met! She really won't take no for an answer, and she's very engaging, and her shop is all about doing for very good causes... so I couldn't say no!

This means that each and every purchase from Val's Art Studio at Art n Soul on 101 will include a donation which benefits a local charity. Also, this gallery speaks the language of supporting refashioning and using recycled materials, which, of course, I am ALL ABOUT! Though this gallery is a little offbeat (their words, not mine), it's offbeat in a good way, with good hearts, support, giving, and sincerity, and those things are right in line with what I believe in. So, Cindy, I'm coming on Tuesday, with my first shipment of handmade goodness, and I know we will be successful together. It's all about Art 'n Soul, isn't it?

PS. Thanks to JudiPatudi for helping me get involved with the Style Awards Show. I am forever grateful to you, Judy, for your friendship, and confidence in my fashion abilities. I will be ready to Wow! ;o)


Karin said...

Congratulations Val!!! Next stop....New York Fashion Week!! When you make it big there, I want front row tickets :)

Mari said...

Congratulations!!!! Your art pieces deserve it!!!!