Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hanky Panky Grandparent Style

Yep, we've got it going on over here! Check out what happens when we bring Grandpa Tex home for a visit from the Assisted Living Center for Alzheimer's patients. He's in rare form, and ready to challenge anyone who's game to a duel:

Well, we had such a fun evening with Tex, and we miss having him at home with all of us living together as one big happy family, so we've decided to bring him back home. He's forgetful, and has lost his short term memory, but certainly remembers how to Leg Wrestle! I helped my mom find a care giver who will come every weekday from 8-2 and give my mom her freedom to run errands and play tennis in the mornings. Then, in the evenings... she can leg wrestle Tex!! It's bound to be a hoot!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Note About Upcoming Needle Felting Classes

I love, love, love teaching needle felting classes, but have decided I can't quite fit it into my schedule this summer/fall. (That's the real reason why I haven't been into Paper Tales lately. I just know I'm going to get sucked into signing up to teach... and that's a good thing, and a favorite thing!). But, more than that, I have three major craft show events I've signed up for this fall (find out more at Upcoming Events - on the left column of the blog) , and one of them, Art Walk, is a 2 day event. I am really wondering about my level of sanity over here... with all this moving and relocating, and making adjustments due to our economic cutbacks... Will I actually be able to keep up with inventory demands of three shows, and four - yes, FOUR shops? (More about shop #4 later...)
So, if you are truly, madly, deeply, desperate to learn about needle felting (okay, yes, that's something that really happens!), then leave me a comment, or send me an email (valsart@me.com), and I will schedule a private class just for you, or you and one or two of your crafty friends. No worries! Everyone can and will learn everything they feel they need to know about needle felting, sewing, embroidery, felting, color mixing wool, and the best substrates for needle felting. Yes, we will! And, I will be back to the class teaching in 2011. I'm happy to put you on a notification list if you'd like, so just let me know!
-xx, Val

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Secret Garden

Since we aren't in our home right now, and living in the back-house at my Mom's, I'm finding it interesting how much I'm truly missing my "space" at our home. In the whole scheme of things, a month or two of renting out our home isn't that long, so I know I'm really going to have some adjusting to do if we rent our house out long term. One or two years...? Oh my, ... I hope my creativity doesn't head south with us being away from our birds and gardens, and the loveliness of our restored historic house.

Of course, I know I got my creativity gene from my mom, but my taste is different than hers. I notice this now more than ever as we live amongst her belongings. I am still not entirely organized in my studio over here, so work is moving more slowly, and the things I'm supposed to be working on (ahem, the custom orders) have taken a back seat to my need for order, color and symmetry.

I have a new app on my iPhone; Audiobooks. So, with my noise canceling headphones (must drown out the xBox boys in our small space from time to time!), I listen to recorded books, currently "The Secret Garden". Making scarves like an automaton while my mind is elsewhere... in my own secret garden... the birds and flowers, ... the wondrous colors... the health and rejuvenation... are sure to appear.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


When our heart flies
Towards Heaven,
Time stands still.
It does not interfere.

A dear friend lost her husband today. It was a fierce fight, a tough fight, a fight to the end. My heart weeps for her loss. Her husband did not believe in Heaven, but I do. I am hoping he is finding out that there is a Heaven, and it is a very special place. I am hoping Heaven welcomes him with open arms, and is showing him what wonders there are...
in Heaven.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Meet the Newest Itty Bitty Bouquet Pincushion; Lady Gaga

Fresh off the blocks, and already practically as popular as Lady Gaga (ok, exaggeration! Wishful thinking, I guess...) is my newest group of teal and "dijon" roses.

Have you heard of that rose? Honey Dijon?
We have it in our garden, and it's spectacular. It really is the color of dijon mustard, and some of the roses have a touch of pink. They are so different, and amazingly beautiful.

Usually, when I think of roses, I think of pinks and peaches (my favorites), lilac and lavenders (love them), the white and yellows. Roses are my favorite flowers. Well, actually, I love peonies, but we can't grow them here in Southern CA. My mom grows roses like crazy. Her gardens are filled with roses, and some are as big as your head, I swear! Since we are living at the back house on my mom's property right now, the roses are surrounding us in all their glory. She doesn't have Honey Dijon, though, so it's been on my mind to make my own version. Oh, and I have to offer credit to the sweet Etsy customer who requested a custom pincushion of Itty Bittys in a teal color group. Thank you, Denise! Between you and the Honey Dijons, I finally have a beloved group of teals and green roses in a pincushion that I am head-over-heels in love with.

I have tried them at Austin's Gallery now twice, and they are swiped up as soon as they hit the shelves. They are too cute for words. :o) We are in crazy production mode of the Lady Gaga's over here...

I'm pulling together ideas that I'm going to submit to Sew Somerset. I think these are going to have to go along for the ride. Really, who can resist the Itty Bitty Bouquets? Most especially, who can resist Missy Lady GaGa!!

Check my Etsy shop, for I will be listing Lady GaGa there very soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to Being a Busy Bee

Yep, and I'm so happy about it! Don't get me wrong, it was good being busy on the house repair front. But now that that's over (for the time being), I have so much stored up energy that I can't wait to get back to the sewing and needle felting machines. Um hum, that would be a busy as a hummingbird... More later, got to go and get to work!