Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Secret Garden

Since we aren't in our home right now, and living in the back-house at my Mom's, I'm finding it interesting how much I'm truly missing my "space" at our home. In the whole scheme of things, a month or two of renting out our home isn't that long, so I know I'm really going to have some adjusting to do if we rent our house out long term. One or two years...? Oh my, ... I hope my creativity doesn't head south with us being away from our birds and gardens, and the loveliness of our restored historic house.

Of course, I know I got my creativity gene from my mom, but my taste is different than hers. I notice this now more than ever as we live amongst her belongings. I am still not entirely organized in my studio over here, so work is moving more slowly, and the things I'm supposed to be working on (ahem, the custom orders) have taken a back seat to my need for order, color and symmetry.

I have a new app on my iPhone; Audiobooks. So, with my noise canceling headphones (must drown out the xBox boys in our small space from time to time!), I listen to recorded books, currently "The Secret Garden". Making scarves like an automaton while my mind is elsewhere... in my own secret garden... the birds and flowers, ... the wondrous colors... the health and rejuvenation... are sure to appear.


Karin said...

Hi Val! Miss you! Are you going to stop by Paper Tales soon? Let me know if you do so we can connect!

Kim Ponzi said...

Wow Val! I was in the scarf felting class with you and you have taken it to a whole 'nuther level! Your designs are amazing! Do you know where I can purchase the blank, dyed scarves? Thanks!

Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

Hi Karin and Kim :o) Karin, I miss you too, and promise a visit to Paper Tales very soon! Kim, you can buy plain silk scarves from Thai Silk Scarves, and they have a section of dyed scarves too. (http://www.thaisilks.com/) Leave me a link so I can see what YOU create!
-x, Val

Susan Wells said...

Aw Val, the Secret Garden is one of my all time favorite books..."I do believe, I do believe". As is the Littlest Princess. Love to think of you listening to that wonderful story while you create not-so-secret gardens on your beautiful silks.

* BITTERSWEET * said...

I love your garden! I've only dabbled in needle felting. I'd love to try an embelisher!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a beautiful comment. I did answer you there but I don't know if you look at follow-up comments so to answer your question about the June/July issue of Quilting Arts, you can buy it here:
Valerie - thank you so much. Your comments are so beautiful, you make me feel special. I'm not sure if the magazine is still available at the bookstores. I know you can buy it online by going to this link:


Valerie said...

Thank you, Morna. I am so glad you directed me to that link. I am going to order a copy so I can get inspired by your beautiful work. (Lord only knows, I don't need to start quilting...) Job well done!

Terrie said...

These are gorgeous pieces. I can't stop to read all your posts. So creative designs. The birds are so lovely !