Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Note About Upcoming Needle Felting Classes

I love, love, love teaching needle felting classes, but have decided I can't quite fit it into my schedule this summer/fall. (That's the real reason why I haven't been into Paper Tales lately. I just know I'm going to get sucked into signing up to teach... and that's a good thing, and a favorite thing!). But, more than that, I have three major craft show events I've signed up for this fall (find out more at Upcoming Events - on the left column of the blog) , and one of them, Art Walk, is a 2 day event. I am really wondering about my level of sanity over here... with all this moving and relocating, and making adjustments due to our economic cutbacks... Will I actually be able to keep up with inventory demands of three shows, and four - yes, FOUR shops? (More about shop #4 later...)
So, if you are truly, madly, deeply, desperate to learn about needle felting (okay, yes, that's something that really happens!), then leave me a comment, or send me an email (, and I will schedule a private class just for you, or you and one or two of your crafty friends. No worries! Everyone can and will learn everything they feel they need to know about needle felting, sewing, embroidery, felting, color mixing wool, and the best substrates for needle felting. Yes, we will! And, I will be back to the class teaching in 2011. I'm happy to put you on a notification list if you'd like, so just let me know!
-xx, Val


Valerie said...

Hey, Needle- Felter-wanna-be peeps!! Val here... I wanted to let you know that this fabulous Russian Doll class will be taught at Paper Tales in mid-to-end December 2010; So, keep your ears close to Val's Art Studio for updates... coming very sOOn!!
x, Val

windowway said...

Hi Val, I found out about you from a friend in Coronado, Nadine Ahrens. I want to take a felted bird class with you. i have been watching UTube videos about felting and am now desperate to learn. I love your birds in the art studio in Coronado. Please let me know when you are holding a class. I can come to Coronado, not a problem. Wendy,

Valerie said...

Ladies, have no fear if you are still waiting on taking a class :o) I can always teach a private class for you and your friends in my home studio, so just email me, and I'm happy to set something up for you that is RIGHT UP your creative alley!!
x, Val