Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Give-Away of a Different Sort; Yes and Amen

Yep, you know I'm a sucker for cutie pie little lambies, and cutie pie chickies, and anything barnish or farmish. What??! You didn't know about that? Well, don't say I didn't tell you! Yep, if I could live on a farm, I'd be the happiest girl this side of Mars. My dad used to live near Petaluma, Ca, and warned me I'd not enjoy the "less fragrant" side of farm life, but I'd already decided by then that Petaluma was to be my retirement destination. With a few goats, sheep, chickens, and even a cow or two. Just the thought makes my heart go pitty-pat.

So, yesterday, I came upon a new blog that I am totally in love with, Yes and Amen. BTW, that's the name of the blog, not a description of how I'm feeling. Yes and Amen is written by a fabulous photographer named Junelle, and she blogs about blessed barnyard stories. I haven't enjoyed a read like this in a very long time. Well,ok... the stories, and the over-the-top-fantastic photography. I think I like the lambs the best. What about you? So, yep, there's my extra special give-away of the day, a visit to the Blessed Barnyard of Yes and Amen. Enjoy!


Janelle said...

What a fun and happy way to wake up this morning~ thank you for your thoughtfulness!

I love the idea of a field-trip to the farm, what a fun thing to do! (even if it is online - less pooh on the shoes?)

I hope you do get the chance to have this experience soon. It has really altered my life. Little creatures have a way of teaching us/healing us/helping us without our even knowing it? And don't get me started on the shepherds (I cry), I have seen such love and tenderness from grown men~ it really is amazing.

I love your blog/website! I can see how we could be fast friends. Perhaps we could do a fun project together this winter? I am always looking for fun do during my house-bound months in snow.

Thank you for sharing and for your encouragement, I needed it!


Oh, btw I tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't get the comment thing to work? I sometimes take comment off my blog - you might want to check it?

Valerie said...

Hi Janelle, yes, we definitely could be fast friends! Especially if it meant I could come and live/work on your farm for at least 6 months of the year... and I guess I'd have to bring my Missie Lola pup. She'd be a great helper as she's a working dog. Oh, then there's my 2 boys. Since you already have 4, and will soon be down to 3, it will hardly seem like there's a change in the flux, right? I suppose my husband might want to tag along too. Maybe he'd just come part time... well, PLEASE let me know when you figure out if you can have a whole new barnyard of people and pets in your midst. I promise, you'd hardly even know we were there. Especially me and Lola, we'd be out in the barnyard the WHOLE DANG TIME!!!
xx from your new best bloggie friend, Val :o)

junelle said...

You are always welcome~

Spring time is for lambs however...plan to be here in the spring? And bring boots. :o)