Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pet Peeve

Do you have one? Something that makes your blood bfrustrationoil whenever it happens? Well, I do, and for me it's pretty big. It's a stupid, simple thing, but I really hate it when people get my last name wrong. My last name is Hebert, pronounced Hee-bert, or, the correct French pronunciation, which sounds like "A-bear". I'm okay fine with people calling me a bear... But I actually turn into one when people call me "Herbert", as in HER-BERT. Yep, I do. I hate it.

(at the bank) "Good afternoon, Mrs. HeRbert, how are you today?" Me; "It's HE-bert, I'm fine, thanks"
(at the grocery) "You saved $21.04 today, Mrs. HeRbert!" Me; "It's HE-bert, and thank you"
(at the doctor's office, when it's my turn) "VALERIE HERBERT" Me, "HE-BERT, It's Valerie HEBERT!!!"

My husband warned me about this when I married him, and he's learned to roll with it over the years... well, his entire lifetime. We've been married nearly 20 years, and it STILL affects me when people get my name wrong. Yeah, I know, my annoyance gene goes into overdrive with this. I can't help it. I think it's... well, I won't name what I think it is. I'm going to let my polite gene override me about now.

Well, my pet peeve was roiled mighty big today, and I can't even talk about it to you yet, I'm still boiling inside... but I'll spill the beans tomorrow, when I've cooled down a wee bit... (calming, mellow, big, deep breath...)


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Oh no! My maiden name was Ackerman... Ack-er-man. I can't even tell you how many times I was called Archerman. Archerman? Really? :D

It reminds me of an incident with UPS in which a package I was supposed to receive wasn't at my door. I looked online and it said it was delivered so I called UPS and the nice lady on the phone (not really nice) informed me that the package was delivered and had been SIGNED for by me. She said the signature was by a B. Ackdoor. (insert silence) So I said, you mean it was left at the.... back door? Ackerman, Ackdoor, close. lol

I hope you're calmed and mellow now. Hang in there!

sandra lee said...

Oh Val, I can totally understand how that makes you feel. It drives me "crazy" when people spell my hubbys name Roc...it is ROCK! Just like the word rock...have you ever seen the word rock spelled roc???? Ahhhh! Have a sunny day today Mrs. HEBERT :)

Valerie said...

Thank you for your comments Sandra and Lisa. I loved hearing your stories, and seeing that I'm not alone in being peeved by people who can't read or spell correctly... urrrgh! My husband was audited by the IRS once, and spent days getting ready for the meeting. The first question at the audit was "Is your name Gregory James HeRbert?" Greg said "No, it's HEbert. So the auditor closed the file and said "That's it, we're done here, WRONG PERSON"
x, Val

Sandy Michelle said...

I hear you girl! My last name is CamarDa and everyone always spells it CaMARA. It's so annoying!Hang in there!