Saturday, August 28, 2010

Super Little Woman

... That would be Alissa. Well, she's demure in size, but has a big, bright personality! Alissa came to one of my summer sales, and fell in love with the scooter skirt, which I had made for the Style Awards Fashion Show. The crazy thing was that the skirt I made was for an 8 year old girl! And she actually fit into it! It was just a tiny bit tight at the waist (which fit her HIP!), so she commissioned me to make a custom skirt for her with a slightly bigger waist/hip. As always, the second item is so much easier to make, and it goes so much quicker. I couldn't resist snapping a picture of her in this adorable skirt when she came to pick it up. It's just so darn CUTE on her!

Sadly, this fantastic Japanese import fabric has been discontinued. I have exactly enough of this beautiful colorway to make one more skirt, hint hint. I'd love to make one for myself, but this wouldn't look nearly as good on me as it does on Alissa. So, instead of a skirt, I have a backpack in mind. Oh, I just can't wait to finally get this backpack out of my head, and created in fabric! It's been on that back burner in my mind for a very long time. Maybe I can get it created in time for one or two of my upcoming Fall shows. Stay tuned, my first Fall Craft sale is coming up very soon!

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