Thursday, September 16, 2010

For Art Walk: 100% Handmade + Personality Plus!

I have a confession... Sometimes I develop obsessions about 1 or 2 of the things I make. I've got that going on right now. It's the guy that's 2nd from the left. Don't ask me how, what, or why, because I just can't answer that.

So, come to Art Walk, but be prepared to either see a "SOLD" sign on 1 or 2 pieces. Or, a really high price. Yeah, you get it.... it's part of my obsession...

Um humm, my obsession....

The Coronado Art Walk is THIS WEEKEND, Sept 18+19, from 10-5 both days. I will be in Booth 45, by the Ferry Pier. I am a FEATURED ARTIST at this fair, so there will be special signage by my booth! Look for me and come say Hello! See and enjoy my 100% Handmade Goodness, Recycled Woolies and all my Newest Creations. I can't wait to see YOU too :o)


junelle said...

Yeah! I so wish I could be there...I am sure your booth will be awesome and with your fun loving style ~ woo hoo!

I agree with you on the little guy you are obsessed about. I would have a hard time letting him go, too.

Adorable! Please post what doesn't sell for the rest of us to have a chance?

Valerie said...

Ha, Junelle, thank you, I wish you could be here too! Just between you and me (shhh!), the little Mr. Friendly will have a SOLD sign on him, but mainly so I can take a few extra days to gaze upon his wonderful personality. He would be most pleased (as I would) to find a home with you and all your troops over at your busy home... just let me know!
x, Val