Friday, September 17, 2010

How To Find Val's Art Studio at the Coronado Art Walk

Did I tell you that I am a Featured Vendor at this weekend's Coronado Art Walk?! Oh, I did? Ok... Well, you WON"T believe my SPOT at this fantastic venue! Let's say you are taking the Ferry across the bay, which I'm telling you, is a glorious way to visit Coronado. You walk down the pier after disembarking from the Ferry... you see all the excitement going on, all the white canopies... and once you get to the end of the dock.... You see ME!! I am the first booth! Ok, if you come from the other direction, (yes, I know, you will have a small hike to find me) but just go to the pier and there I am! Oh, and you can look for my wonderful NEW signage... what do you think?!

Ok, the picture really doesn't do all it's cuteness justice....

Speaking of cute, Look at my newly finished "Car Top". Ok, I know, it's a bad name.

This car inspired top was a very last minute inspiration, and went together in a zip, well, nearly. It's got a small dose of my very fav: Enchino Ni-co fabric, a large dose of recycled wool sweater action, finished up with a lovely dotty lining. What you cannot see is the pe-ace-de-resistance.... the bird. Okay, you will have to come and see it in all it's glory at Art Walk. I tried to photograph the bird, but it didn't come out. As you can see, I'm typing to you madly here instead of trying to get a better photo, so that's just how it goes. I actually made this vest so it's a tad bit big for me. Which means that it will probably fit YOU! (ok, do you remember the post after last Artisan's Alley when the girls accused me of having a RIB taken out?! Heck, I was born small on top. Just wish my bottom was the same ;o)

Ok... Can't wait to see you... tomorrow... on the Coronado Bay... it will be a lovely day (wear sunscreen!)
-x, Val


Cyndy said...

I found you... I love the pumpkin pillow too!

Valerie said...

Thank you, Cyndy! I'm so glad you bought that wonderful pillow. I hope it will inspire you to keep needle felting too!