Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kelly Rae Helps Make My Day :o)

I'd been thinking about taking Kelly Rae Robert's e-course ever since she offered it. I actually wanted to sign up for the online course when she was promoting it in the Spring, but things were just too hectic for me then. Good thing she developed the e-course. I put it down for the very top spot on my New Years resolution list for 2011. I knew it would be right up my alley for giving me just the right sort of a push in making the right decisions in growing my business. Well, somehow, one thing lead to another, (um-hum, a one push, and a shove kind of thing) and I just couldn't wait. I bought the e-course, and have already started in on it... So, I guess I'm getting a head start on my 2011 resolutions..., right! Way to be proactive, Val!!!

Lots and LOTS of great tips and tricks are ready for the unveiling in this course. I've only read the first chapter, and my inspiration is spilling out all over the place! I did the exercises, and listed my goals, and have been like a teakettle ready to boil over!! In fact, I have already had a great piece of news, that has to be immediately added to my goal list... I have just been invited to be a part of a special vendor exhibit/sale at the new San Diego Children's Museum on November 27th! Of course, I'm attributing this to my positive energy flow, my chi, my visualizations, ... heck! My Kelly Rae energy is overflowing (thank you, world...) I do feel blessed.

Well, busy, busy, busy... I'm working to finish up some commissions in my studio, and then I will have to pack things up, as we are MOVING HOUSES... then a quick reset of my studio, get Michelle back to work... and resume making up like mad, for now I have 3 big events within a 2 week period. Just wondering if I can really do it all... (ok, world, I'm looking for guidance now...)


Karin said...

Congrats on the Children's Museaum vedor spot! I took the Flying Lessons course and it was the best $100 I've ever spent. I also got the ecourse so I could have it on file. It was such a great experience to get all the insider info ect. What was great about the course was the comment section was really lively. Have fun with it!

Valerie said...

Oh, Karin, I'm so glad to know you took this fantastic course. One day when we have a moment without kids, problem husbands (LOL), or too much work on our hands, we'll have to have a cuppa coffee, and a jam session!
x, Val

Heather Woollove said...

You are an inspiration, Val!!
Are you heading back to your own house, now that your Summer renters are gone? I would think that with all of the moving back and forth, you'll have cleared out a lot of unused detritus. (Maybe I need to try this...or just pretend to!) :) XXO-

Valerie said...

Heather, I highly recommend an occasional move out so you can reorganize your house, but certainly don't do it as much as I do! We have been back in our house since mid-August, and are getting ready to rent it to people who want to come in for 6-8 months. This time we have to empty the house :o( But, it will help us out greatly, since the economic downturn has really affected my husband's business. It's just something we have to do right now, so we are making the best of it all.
x, Val