Friday, September 17, 2010

Mr. Sewing Machine, Pleeease Don't Quit Me Now!

Ugggh, I had an evening of sewing machine trouble last night, and as a result, did NOT sleep well due to "sewing machine worry". Have you ever experienced that? It's really not pretty. The words that come out of my mouth... the tension that builds in my shoulders as I struggle with the tension on the machine. Well, the good news is that I walked away from the machine, and went back this morning with (somewhat) fresh eyes, a brisk cleaning brush, and my handy sewing machine oil bottle. After a fairly quick One-Two, we are seemingly back in action.
We've Got! to! be!, because I have 1 Backpack Scooter bag to finish up today, a couple of Bird Scarves that have to be stitched, and a wonderful Car-Top to finish sewing. Okay... back to work over here!!!These photos aren't great (sorry), because I snapped them quickly with my phone, but I will actually have THREE (3!) glorious finished bird scarves for sale! So come to Art Walk early, and don't be shy to ask me about them. I'm going to try to parcel them out one at a time... It's part of my dilemma on how to show/display my items for this 2 day event. Does everything come out at once, or some things on Day 1, saving others for Day 2??? Oh, what to do?

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Tamerie Shriver said...

See you there! And congratulations on your FEATURED status! I passed by the booth just now on my way home from my morning walk, but I didn't know it was YOUR booth!