Thursday, September 30, 2010

Needle Felting Lesson Love

Leah came for a private lesson on Sunday in order to finally satisfy her passion to learn to needle felt. (remember? I told you these things actually happen!) Many people want to learn to do 3-D needle felting, so they can make all the fantastic things they see in the needle felting books. I love teaching 3-D needle felting, but I always forewarn people these tiny characters take many hours to create. But, it's a great way to figure out how the barbed needles work, and how the fluff actually comes together and turns into an actual object.

We were set to make a bird on a nest, but as we began the lesson, and perused a few needle felting books, decided to change things up a bit. (One - ok, that would be me - One can only make so many birds on nests, before you are ready for that project to fly the coop!) We decided on Russian dolls. Leah did a marvelous job with her very first needle felting effort (the doll on the left, below). Wow, I was very impressed. These dolls measured about 2.5-3" high, and this picture was taken after we'd worked on the dolls for over 3 1/2 hours!

Needless to say, I haven't been able to stop working on Russian Dolls. I now have a "nested" set, and I love them! I have been posing them all over my house this morning, to my great delight....

Oh my golly! We are having an actual thunderstorm! (VERY unusual in San Diego) My lights just flickered, so I am posting this before the electricity goes out and I lose it for good. Happy needle felting :o)


Anonymous said...

Hey Val Helle here.
a costumer just came in to the store and told me about these little lovelies, you HAVE to teach these at Paper Tales, they are soooooo cute. I want to learn too.

Valerie said...

Ha, Helle, how funny! I had already emailed Michelle about teaching this as a class. Yes, I can teach this wonderful Russian Doll after mid December. I will call Paper Tales very soon to set something up on your calendar. I'm looking forward to it!!!
x, Val

Lisa Loria said...

HOW Cute are these little girlies!
Love them!

Marfa said...

I absolutely adore these...we are having a Russian Winter's Night fundraiser for our church February 2011:
Wondering if we could get a trio? I have felted a LITTLE? Maybe I'll try making one...

Valerie said...

Hi Marfa!
Give it a try, you will probably be able to felt them up. You get better with practice :o) If you decide you need to have a trio made by me, let me know! You can email me directly at
Happy felting!
x, Val