Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bird Watching Habitat

I'm already missing our bird watching habitat at our Coronado home. Finches, hummingbirds, orioles, and Black Phoebes were just some of the birds that frequented our garden. Our trees were a constant buzz of birdy activity, much to my bird watching delight. Birds even frequented our huge tall pine trees in the back yard. Take a look...

Here's the tree from my vantage point in the back yard:

A clack and a call causes me to run out and look up, to find this lodger:

A Blue Heron spends his days perched in a high lookout up over the bay.

He sits in the tree by day, and flies to the water to hunt in the late afternoon.

He stands about 3' tall. He's the largest bird that visits our garden.

Lola is so bored by it all. It's as if she says, "Lordy, here she goes again..."

We've relocated to Pt. Loma, and are ready to explore attracting birds to our new garden. We have quite some work to do over here... I put out some peanuts, hoping to bring the Blue Jays, but only succeeding in attracting a flock of crows.... sigh...

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