Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Divine Purpose

I'm really not too sure how to go about telling you what I want to tell you... so, please bear with me as I muddle through this. I don't want to change the tone of my blog either, it's just that I feel I must share my purpose with you. So, here goes...

Many people close to me seem to be searching for spiritual meaning, the reason for being, questioning their connections (or lack of) with God. (Or, perhaps, those messages are what I'm listening to right now-?) Normally, I just shut up when these topics come up. I don't mean to lock my lips, but I'm just not sure what people will think (of me) if I speak up. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I've decided to "practice speak up". I'm going to speak up here in my virtual space, and if it goes well, then perhaps I'll have more courage to speak up in the live moment. Sounds good on "paper", right? Ok, here goes.

I'm going to tell you about my angels. My youngest son asks me to tell him this story again and again. It's pretty special.

photo courtesy of Lynne Harkes

We were living in Rhode Island when I met my angels. I was in the first grade, I was 6 years old. My dad was going to the War College, and my mom would type his assignments for him each night as I was going to bed. I couldn't ever go to sleep due to the click-clack noise the typewriter made, so my dad would come in and talk me through a relaxation process that would put me to sleep every night. What a dad! Later, when the house was quiet, I would get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I did this every night. This meant I had to be fully awake because I was in the top bunk of a bunkbed. No stumbling around if you have to climb down a ladder in the middle of the night!

One middle of the night, I woke up, and as I sat up, I noticed a soft light in the corner of the room, over by the door. As I sat up and looked over, I saw them. Two angels, glowing white, as if lit from within. There was an older girl angel and a younger boy angel. The girl looked to be about 10 or 11 and the boy about 5 years old. They had big fluffy white wings that draped on the floor, like a load of beautiful hair falling about at their feet. They watched me, and waited to see what my reaction would be. What did I do? What any sane 6 year old would do! I buried my face in the pillow and told myself I was dreaming! But every time I would look up, they were still there. They stayed there the rest of the night. They watched me. They didn't leave until daybreak. I know, because I was shaken to my core, and I watched them the whole night too. What an auspicious meeting... my angels and me. Too bad I didn't realize it then...

Years passed... I was 6, then 7, then 10, 28....35, now 50. The angels have always been with me since I saw them at 6. First wanting to forget, then opening my heart to what I experienced, it has been a life changing experience. The angels have been my guiding light since I was 6 years old.

If I don't know how to proceed with a big decision, I get a gentle nudge from my angels. When I look for answers, they come. Plans are made in dreams, books are opened and words alight, the way is found in trust and listening, in looking forward with an open heart. When I ask, I find. (Thank you, angels :o)

When people question God's existence, I am quiet. If angels exist, so surely does God. I really have a lot to say, but they might think I'm crazy if I tell them I'm guided by my angels. So, I'm sharing this with you, first. It just seems like the right step to take. My angels said it would be...

How about you? Have angels touched your life too? Maybe your heart is your divine guidance.... Celebrate the special purpose within you!


swellknits said...

Val, what a courageous post. I think most of us are touched by angels whether we know it or not. Maybe not in such a concrete way as your experience, but still! Sometimes I think they are the source of our creative inspiration ... you know when ideas are flowing and new thoughts come to you seemingly out of the blue? That's why we all need quiet hear. We need time to transport ourselves through our art to a different plane...rise above the noise. This is where insights occur. And the by-product is our physical creations...whatever they may be. They bring joy, smiles, warmth, awe...all kinds of things to others, comforting them along their paths. Now that puts creativity in the "sacred" category, don't you think?

P.S. I think now would be a perfect time for you to watch "Wings of Desire", perhaps my favorite movie of all time. You must see it, Val!

Work Of Our Hands said...

I came to your site out of curiosity because my name is also Val (but 2 a's Valarie) Love the post about hands.........Love Love Love the painting in this post is it yours? !

I believe in angels and in Artist God who not only is Creator of everything, but who gave us our creativity!

Valerie said...

Susan, your words are beautiful. Yes, I will watch Wings of Desire. You've mentioned that movie before, thanks for reminding me again!
Val, (I love all Vals!), no, that painting isn't mine. Look at the link under the painting and you can find the creator. I love the name of the painting, it's called "Angel's Wings" (or something very similar). I am planning a visit to your blog so I can see what work your hands are up to :o)
x, Val

junelle said...

I love your message. You should speak out, it helps the rest of us and opens our hearts to possibilities. I think that *creatives* (like us) live somewhere on the fringes of reality/spiritual places. I like to think of it as living with one foot on the earth and another in heaven.

Thank you for sharing something so intimate and heart-felt. I love it. I lost my only daughter at 9 years old (11 years ago) and questioned mortality for years before having an experience with God that changed my life forever. I have been touched by an all creative and loving God. He knows us intimately and knows what impacts our hearts. He gives us precious gifts~

~ most likely that is why we are friends?~

love to you dear friend in your new home, new life, new birds, new are so blessed!

Valerie said...

Junelle, we are friends indeed, soul friends, lamb friends, boy-mom friends, *creatives* friends... blessed friends...

Love to you too, dear friend.

So sorry to hear of your loss...
xx, Val

Ralonda said...

What a blessing it is to hear your story. God is good! Remember to share every miracle, it never hurts to share His love.