Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Friend Picnik! I wish I had eons of time to edit each and every photo I take. Granted, proper editing takes quite a bit of time, but I just love the results. I love that I can add text, and I LOVE the fashion forward text options :o) Photos can be uploaded and edited for free-what a deal! I have decided to buy the premier version so I can have even more options at my fingertips (like making collages of photos), plus Kyle can turn photos of himself into a proper ghoul. (Check out Picnik, and you'll see what I mean) Happy editing!


Sandy Michelle said...

Hey Miss Practicality :) I LOVE picnik too! Is that your sweet Cockatiel? They are such smart and affectionate birds!


P.S I have large bins for all Seasonal decor, then I pile them up in my Laundry room. I hate clutter, so I make it work.

Valerie said...

Hi Sandy!

Yes, my crotchety old cockatiel is about 23 years old now! He is an "old man" birdy, but still has his sweet and lovable moments. I got him when he was just a baby, so he was my first "child"! We've been together through thick and thin :o0