Tuesday, October 19, 2010

These Hands...

  • can sew most anything on an old Singer sewing machine
  • can rock a crying baby to sleep
  • can cook a mean plate of pumpkin pancakes
  • can gesticulate like old Italian woman's hands
  • can get poked like pincushions by needles, & still be good to go
  • can fix a lovely hairdo for a young lady's prom
  • can help build a skateboard ramp with hammer and nails
  • can learn a new skill, and master it like nobody's business
  • can help win 345,000 points in 1 minute of Bejeweled Blitz
... but right now, these hands are busy painting doors, moulding and window trim in a 1930's house, and they are loving every minute! Now, if I could just get the paint washed off, I'd be a happy camper :o)

What are your hands busy with right about now?


swellknits said...

Val, I LOVE this post! Oh, our hands. To be appreciated more than they are.

Herm said...

My hands right now are finishing the "Fallen Leaves" journal from the workshop at Art & Soul Retreat in Portland, OR. Love working with my hands!!!!!

Lisa Loria said...

This was a wonderful post!
Much Love,