Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who Knew Toast Would Be So Jammy?

Mr. Toasty pillows have been my most popular items as of late. They brought people in droves to my booth during Art Walk. I heard people exclaim as they walked over, "Here are the Toast Pillows we've heard about". Well, heck, who knew that everyone loves Toast so much?! The sign says, "
Mr. Toasty... with a Pat of Butter Love" Ok, really... how could you not?!

The first Toast pillow came about out of boredom, and looking for something new to please my fancy. When I made up a cashmere toast pillow, both Drew and Kyle kind of went crazy over it... I've learned to recognize the signs; delightful shrieks, cheek rubbing, face petting, that sort of thing.

Greg has been watching me make Toast like they are going out of style. He's been so puzzled... the look on his face says [What's with all the stupid toast?] and, *Don't we have enough toast pillows hanging around here already?* and, #Good lord, she's making another one# ... He just doesn't get it.

Lately, we've had some new Toast folk arrive on the scene. We have Mr. Pirate Toasty (not really new, but a very popular guy, so many more Pirate Toasts are being created, in several different mustache shades!) Plus, we now have Ms. Hairdo Toast. I love her! All have a sort of Honey Bun Hairdo, some even have bows...

Next on the radar are (plain) Mustache Toast. Really, with those mustaches, what more do they need? I'm not really sure how these will be received. At least they made Greg laugh...

Toast pillows are being made in great fluffy quantities now that I've been invited to a one day show and sale at the
New San Diego Children's Museum! Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 27th. Admission is FREE that day. I will be exhibiting with the Make Good group. There's going to be all SORTS of handmade goodness to be found! (Lots of Toast too :o)

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swellknits said...

Oh Val, one is cuter than the next! Truly. I think the appeal is that you can't help but smile when you look at them.