Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Needle Felting?

Why is needle felting such an attraction?, you may wonder... What is it about it's tactile quality, the feeling that you need to pick it up, look it over, admire it's wooly characteristics? Why do you feel like you need to learn how to make it? What's the deal with needle felting, and how come we admire it so dang much???!

Are you asking yourself these questions?

I remember when I had my very first encounter with needle felting. It was in a knitting class. Specifically, it was in a class where we learned to knit Cat Bordhi's Mobius purse. The class was taught by Marcia DeCoster, back when she taught knitting too, before she was strictly a bead artist. It's when I got to know and begin to love my knitting girls... but, I digress...

After 3 weeks of knitting and shaping the purse, we felted it. (Check out this informational article to learn how to felt knitted wool or sweaters in your washing machine) Once felted, Marcia shared tips on Embellishment. Now, if you know Marcia, or Marcia's Beaded Opulence, you know she's all about embellishing! Of course, she pushed beaded embellishing, but one little phrase struck a cord with me. She said, ..."or, you could needle felt it". I thought, "Needle felt? What's needle felting?" So, Marcia brought out a needle felting needle, and off I went, merrily needle felting a "V" with yarn onto my felted, handknit bag. That's really all it took... I remember it being an "ah-ha" moment, and then it becoming an "oh, no, this could be dangerous" moment. Well, I'm really all about listening to my heart... so, yes, that danger set in, and after one thing leading to another, I've become all about the wooly wonder of needle felting. It's really a Very good place to be!

Happy Fall, and Very happy Needle Felting to you!


The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi there! Found your lovely blog through Kelly Rae. LOVE your work!!! So much fun! And you have the best smile! Keep on keepin' on!!!

walterbayliss said...

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Valerie said...

Thanks for reading, and linking to my blog, and THANK YOU for the corrected spelling of so many names! What would I do without you, and all your creativity? Yes, you have helped send me on my path to the goodness of being creative, and I THANK YOU (again) for that. xxoo, Val

Terrie said...

Stumbled into your blog and found all the lovely and interesting stuff. Good idea and nice creation.