Monday, December 6, 2010

Grateful... Thank You For A Wonderful Saturday

Photo 1. Organizers extraordinaire Dane and Susie, 2. Henri Hopper , 3. Kyle models a fantastic
shirt by neopolitan ecowear, 4. Our small shopping room was filled to the brim for almost the entire show.

Very Grateful. Thank you for the most wonderful day, the beautiful compliments, friends and supporters, new and old. Thank you for the energizing and amazing day!

(As always, my camera was seemingly on vacation during Artisans' Alley. I think I managed to take 1 photo at the start of the day... but now my connector is missing... I can't win...) at least my iPhone came to the rescue at the Handmade Holiday Pop-Up Show :o)

Artisans' Alley is a gift to me, as it's been each year since I began showing there. New vendors, well organized, tremendous crowds, and showcasing band and choir from Coronado's Elementary, Middle and High Schools. I love it! Wow, 4 years of your fantastic support since I began my business. What a gift!

The Handmade Holiday Pop-Up Show was everything I expected and more. Susie and Dane did an amazing job of organizing a tremendously successful event as part of Space 4 Art's December opening and show. Hopefully the first event of many more to come, the location is exceptional. Two artists hosting openings filled with incredible multi-faceted and edgy art. 35 open artist studios featuring an array of sculpture, painting, mixed media, even puppetry! An amazing, AMAZING outdoor space with a stage, and plenty of space to host bands, show art, installation, food offerings, and more. AND, the Pop-Up Shop, with 14 handmade artisans selling great stuff. (I know, I bought something from nearly every vendor!) Great crowds of artsy folks. Loved - every- minute! So, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it all!

I seem to be recovering slowly from Saturday. It's life in the post-crafting-fog lane... If you see me, it probably looks like I'm sleep walking. Yep, I am. But, I'll be back to normal soon, I promise. Got to finish up those custom orders. Don't worry, I will!!!

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dainjb said...

Val! It was so great to meet you! I'm glad that the pop-up shop was everything you wanted & more - I feel the same way! So lucky to have gotten the chance to help plan the event & i look forward to more!!! xoxo, dain