Wednesday, December 29, 2010


... about this Fabric!!!

Well, the truth of the matter is that you can't hardly see the picture to the left. It's too dang small. But you can head on over to Hawthorne Threads to see their introduction of the entire line by Ruby Star Rising, aka Melody Miller, fabric designer extraordinaire (I love her).

Okay, I will warn you, the fabric pretty much sold out from Hawthorne Threads in a day. I know.... sheesh! It's just certainly that good. I only managed to buy a few 1/2 yard-1 yard pieces before it was all gone. But, I will have a bit of my very favs... the Transistor Radios, and (eek!) the Viewfinder Reels. Oh my, I am excited! I did manage to get Vintage Dishes as well. Oh, I'm a lucky girl indeed :o) My sewing will be going into overdrive... I am planning a big ol' Hole-Up in my studio... I will be sharing some serious one on one with these fabrics, um-humm!

So, just a quick update on 'what's the haps' over here... I am moving my studio-AGAIN. This time to our new home. I loved having my studio at my mom's house, but would invariably bring things home to work on. Then, certain things (a needle felting machine or something of that sort) would get left behind, and I'd find myself doing the constant shlep back and forth between Coronado and Pt Loma, muttering under my breath all the while... Ok, I'm striving for zen.... and peaceful, happy thoughts, etc. The madness of the schlep was bringing me down. So, move again, and once I'm settled, I just know my new fabrics will arrive! I cannot wait, and goodness will resume, once again, from Val's (soon-to-be very fashion forward and fabulous) Art Studio.

Happiest of the Season to you, and yours. I promise a heartfelt look back at our diminishing 2010, with thoughts, plans and hopes towards a fruitful 2011. Are you doing the same???

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