Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Modded" Christmas Card From Me To You :o)

"Modded"... is it an everyday word in your home, like it is in ours? Somehow, everything needs to be "modded" in a household with two teen boys (means Modified, if you aren't in the know!) So, they modded my Christmas card image. Even my husband scolded me for not sending this image out on our cards. Well, too late, plus the program I used wouldn't accept a Picnik modded photo. Go figure. So, I am sharing it with you here, in case you need a chuckle. Even though I already posted a Happy holiday greeting, here's another one from me!

Merry Christmas from our modded house to yours!


Sandy Michelle said...

Maybe you could send it out next year because it's just just fabulous! I love picnik! I hope Santa was good ot you this year! Sandy xox

Valerie said...

Yes, Sandy, next year I will go straight to Picnik for all my photo needs. The company I ordered our Christmas cards from never got our order finished, and sent me an email on Christmas eve telling me they "goofed". So, our Christmas cards are now officially After Christmas cards... tis the busy season, I guess! Merry Christmas to you, and your sweet family too!
x, Val

junelle said...

Valerie~ looks so colorful, energetic, and delightful! I wish I lived closer and could stop by today~ you are pure joy as a friend.

Have a brilliant holiday and know you are loved!

TUTU Monkey said...

Merry Christmas Val!!! Hope you had a great one....see you for sure in 2011

Terrie said...

Wonderful look and sweet! Wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR 1