Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogger Love

My dear friend, Marcia, finally has the Transportation backpack in her clutches, which she's been lusting over since it was "under construction". She is such the travel bug that this piece will suit her just fine! She has instructions to refer any interested customers back to me, along with a big stack of cards. She is soon off to NYC, what a perfect place to show off this bag :o) Right, Marcia?! (hee hee, I'm so excited of the places this bag will go, and the things it will "see") Marcia was nice enough to feature the bag on her widely read blog too. Thanks so much, Marcia!

Other exciting blogging news is that I was recently featured on Melody Miller's Ruby Star Rising blog! Well, actually the Transistor Radio purse was featured... and I did get a mention. What a nice wrap up to all the excitement over that bag, and especially that fabric. Love, love, love it...still :o) Thanks ever so much, Melody!

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