Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy chickies over here

We are so busy over here, that I feel like I hardly have time to take a breath! Greg and I are getting ready to head off to the Bay area to pick our son up from his Outward Bound excursion, and man, are we excited to SEE OUR SON! He will have been gone for a whole month. We are so excited, nervous, and hopeful for his updated outlook on life... are we expecting too much??? We love him so much, and want the best for him. Nothing can be harder than seeing your beautiful child falter and fall in making his way through life. Sending him away to a wilderness program is hard, but it's a step that will hopefully help give him tools to realize he can achieve anything in life he puts his mind to, anything he wants. We have such high hopes and dreams for Drew. He is an amazing young man, and is destined for so much goodness. (Drew, you are the man!!!)

We have found renters for our North Park house, and are busy readying that lovely historic house for a new young family. They will take possession of the house the night before we leave to get Drew. It will be such a load off our minds to know we have done all we can to bring that house back to the brink of "perfect"; painted all the sashes, cleaned behind the washer, updated all the yard clocks, etc. Yes, it feels so good to get all that work done!

I am trying to find a moment to post pictures of the wonderful Needle Felting class I taught at Paper Tales on Sunday, the Russian Doll class. Just wait to see the fantastic photos of all the dolls. There's even a Frieda doll!!! You just won't believe how cute they came out. Stay tuned, I will post the photos before I leave on Friday, I promise!!!

And, speaking of the Russian Doll class, we have added another class. So, yea! You can still sign up to take this class!! The date is Saturday, April, 23 from 2:30-6:30. Call over to Paper Tales to sign up. Last time I checked, there are still 5 spots left. So, get goin' girl!!


Arlenesfelt said...

Val, Barb is coming to visit in June. Will you have a class then that we can take together. She's really liking needle felting.

Terrie said...

It's the journey to see how our kids growing up and independent. Your boy is gorgeous.

Marfa said...

What a great experience for you son...you know, I caused trouble for my parents, and didn't appreciate all they did until I became a mom myself...then realized that all you do is because you LOVE your children so much!!!
That's a great photo of him with the chicken!
And I look forward to seeing the pictures of your class...making the Russian dolls.