Saturday, March 19, 2011

OB: Land of Wild Parrots

We really enjoy exploring our new neighborhood in the historic Loma Portal area of Pt. Loma. We've always known this area has long been home to several flocks of wild parrots. Obviously pets that flew the coop! We see and hear them flying overhead in squawking groups of 5, 10, 20 or more. They are so "talkative" that you can hear them blocks before they come into view. They perch in the neighborhood trees, always choosing the tallest and bushiest trees. They call down to Lola and I as we walk by on our daily walks.

Last evening, we took our youngest son and a couple of his friends to dinner at our new favorite pizza spot in Ocean Beach. Pizza Port is as loud and busy as a flock of parrots, with families, college kids, young kids, and even grandparents ranging around, eating that yummy pizza, drinking Pizza Port's own beer brews and their homemade root beer. It's a fun filled place, and we like it very much.

Finding a parking spot was tricky, but finally we did. Upon getting out of the car, it sounded like we were in the middle of the rain forest! Parrots clamoring on like there's no tomorrow! Looking up there were only two parrots in the tree! OMG, it sounded like an army of them!

Pair of Parrots
Photo courtesy of San Diego Pictures

What a hoot! Except I'm not sure you'd be too happy about it if it was your house at say, around 6:15 am... I have heard complaints from people who have flocks of these parrots nesting in trees outside their homes. Now I can see why. They are as loud and boisterous as banshees. Talking to them does no good, they just get louder and more playful! What a happy bunch. I'm glad we got to meet the parrots up close and personal. I'm just glad they perch in OB, and don't take much stopover time passing through Loma Portal!

What wild thing have you had the pleasure of meeting lately? I hope they were as tame as the OB Parrots!


Terrie said...

OMG, I love them, I love birds. Parrots color are typically lovely. I heard some birds chirping outside the brushes sounds everything is so alive.

Tamerie Shriver said...

I don't think we have wild parrots in Coronado, do we? I've never seen or heard them if we do. When I lived in Barcelona, there were definitely escaped parrots there. We used to say they came from the Barcelona Zoo because it was such a terrible place to live. there were quite loud, so I can imagine the noise you are living with.

I do have a bunch of daddy-long-legs living in my bathroom. Does this count?


junelle said...

What a wilderness you live in?! I love the diverse things we are met with~ keeps life so interesting?

I am living with 4 sons, that should count? I also have a bunch of rams at the farm - I am certainly not used to that - and have to be careful.

I put your adorable bunny on my blog today ~ she is a riot at my house!!!

love & lambs~

Valerie said...

Terri, so glad you have the birds to entertain you! Ha ha, Tamerie, I guess daddy long legs count! If I were you, I'd get out the vacuum and suck them away-yuck!
Junelle, coming from someone with 2 boys, 4 boys must be like living in a zoo! I'd better head over to Yes and Amen to see Miss Bitchy Bunny, and what she's been up to over at your busy house :o)
Love to you all...
x, Val