Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Wool?

My total inspiration is wool.
I guess it starts with the wooly sheep I can never get enough of,

little grinny - fine cards (and farm fresh)
Photo courtesy of Yes and Amen, a favorite of mine!

progresses to the fantastic woolen yarn I so love knitting with,

Follow Jarret Flood's fantastic mill tour creating his wonderful Shelter yarn here

to the endless supply of discarded wooly sweaters that I felt,
and that dare me to cut them apart and make into new goods.

This wonderful swing vest was created as a show piece for the Talmadge Winter Show, and it sold. Heck, before I could wear it once, or even take a quick photo with me in it. Based on lessons I learned from knitting Liesl, it's a piece that fits any woman from XS to pretty Large. I must make more of these. As I know from past experiments, my second piece will be much easier. And I know next time to make a pattern, so I don't have to keep inventing the wheel each time I make something new over here... (sheesh, Val)

So, I am s l o w l y, s-l-o-w-l-y, slowly recovering after taking my oldest son up to Northern CA this week, and dropping him off for a month long Outward Bound Intercept course. We are hoping and praying that he comes home knowing more about the maturing boy inside his young man body. Hoping and praying he finds the way towards making more positive choices. Hoping and praying he finds his true heart and his strong character, and learns they are enough to help guide him in this life of his, so filled with promise. So filled with goodness, so filled with people who love and care for him more than words can ever say...

I hope you will say a prayer for him too, our sweet Drew.
xxoo, Val


Heather Woollove said...

Val--This latest vest is beautifully designed...I love it!!
Yes--You and Drew and your other two 'men' are in my heart and on my mind a lot, lately!! Hugs and love--

Nancy said...

Val, I love this vest....I think it is absolutely amazing...If you do write a pattern, I would be the first to buy it......

I love your blog and I have enjoyed my visit so much. I will definitely be back to see what you are up to......

I too will be saying a prayer for your son......I've been there and I know how difficult it is to see your son hurt....Miracles do happen every day.....

Hugs and blessings

TUTU Monkey said...

Val!! I just love the vest. you are AMAZING!!

I will keep Drew (and you all) in my prayers. Stay strong....if you ever need to grab a cup of coffee or a walk along the beach I am here for you! ((HUGS)) Love ya,dana

Valerie said...

Thank you girls. Your words mean so much to me. Dana, I would love that coffee/walk on the beach :o)
xx, Val