Friday, April 15, 2011


- to have Happy Hair (yes I do, thanks to my awesome hairstylist, Saylor.) Thank you, Saylor, I needed hair work so, so much!
- to have hard working Michelle come and set me right this week, helping me get my work mo-jo back (yesss!) Thank you, Michelle :o) You, as you know, are awesome. Plus, we are due for a "Toast Mark" throwing session very soon. (Toast Golf?!)
- to have my oldest son back home, start his new school, and be happy with it (OMG, YESSS!) He actually told me yesterday that there's this class, and he really likes it, and he can't figure it out, but the class just goes by so fast... (he has never said anything like this about school, ever in his life)
- to be invited to an Invitation Only Art Show. (Yea!) I said Yes!
- to get an Intern from High Tech High (technically still working out the details, but I will have one soon!!!) I'm so looking forward to this!
- to feel real, honest, gut wrenching relief at the results our family experienced since Drew came home from Outward Bound...heck, I'm still stunned.
- realizing I've talked enough about OB, feelings, mismatched emotions, etc. I think I'm ready to resume a normality now I haven't felt in a long while. Dang good....

Love to you and yours. Have a blessed week...
x, Val

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Heather Woollove said...

Oh, Val...what happy, happy news!
I am just sitting here, smiling away at your wonderful post.