Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In these moments

Having fun with my new hipstamatic app on the iphone

I'm learning...

Learning to let go of all the preconceived ideas that have had me trapped... as a parent, as a team player in a family (working so hard on this). Letting go as an artist, as a maker, as a handcrafter (working very, very hard on this). Getting better at accepting myself as I am, learning what strengths are my own, trusting that what I am doing is just right, just exactly what I'm meant to be doing (yes). Learning and accepting that the moments of utter despair and heart breaking disappointments are really ok. Really. It's these moments that transport me (us) to new places, and new levels of understanding. Moments I never thought I could endure or even survive, are actually pathways to a whole new world, leading towards a new reality of truths and ultimately a new sort of happiness. Somehow, I must have signed up for this sort of 'trial by fire' learning (really?), and I am learning to embrace it for all the joy that it ultimately brings my way.

So, yes. These moments are teaching me great things, and for that I am supremely thankful.

(on an entirely different note) Some Tattooed Friendlys will be debuting their cuteness and head-shaking wackiness this weekend at the Coronado Flower Show, where I will be a vendor along with the Austin's Gallery artists. Come and visit if you are a flower show affectionado, or if you just want to get a taste of that aforementioned head-shaking wackiness :o)

xx, Val

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