Monday, April 25, 2011

It's all in the dress

Or, is it the shoes? Heck, I can't keep it straight. Well, for me, it's the dress. I put a lot of emphasis in the dress, and if I can find a pair of shoes that accent the dress, then it's all good. Yes, very, very good.

So, I made this dress. I made it out of recycled cashmere, and then I needle felted it. I made it to fit me, and then I wore it. I wore it to an art gallery opening/wake for a client of my husband's who passed way too soon in her life. So, even though it was a wake, it was also a celebration of her life, about her life, her art, her design. I was wearing a pair of earrings she had made that my husband traded work for, and I thought they looked great with the dress. I didn't intend to take anything away from the celebration by wearing the dress. But, maybe I did, just a little bit. The party kind of halted when I came in wearing that dress. The first people we talked to looked straight at me, and asked me a question about the dress. They asked me this:

"Who are you wearing?"

Um, ok, that is probably the best question I've ever been asked in my life. (Well, besides when Greg asked me to marry him!) By the end of the party, the dress had pretty much been a topic of conversation. Then, we headed out to a wine bar.
Same sort of thing. Women would veer in my direction on their way to the restroom to find out about the dress. OMG, it's just that good. Wow. I handed out many business cards during that evening.

I haven't had the nerve to wear the dress again since. I have taken it out of the closet to wear it many times, but it just hasn't made it out of the house. Well, I have some good news; It's coming out this weekend! Yes! I am going to be interviewed on Channel 6 in a news spot about what's hot around town for Mother's Day and Graduation/Prom, etc, and I am going to wear that dress!! So, stay tuned, because as I find out more about the time, I will let you know. You can tune in and check out the dress, and then let me know if you think it is that good. I wonder if you'll agree?! I feel a little bit giddy. It's the dress. :o)


Me and Bis said...

Congratulations on your spot on Channel 6! Love the dress, can't wait to see the entire dress though. Love the colors and the design. I am staying tuned in to find out more....

Valerie said...
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Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

(from Heather Woollove, accidently deleted by my fat finger on my iphone. Sorry, Heather!)
Oh, Val-you big tease...we need to see photos of YOU in the dress and the earrings and the shoes!!!
Please, please, please!?!?!?
CONGRATULATIONS on your interview!