Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coronado's History Matters!

The Wells House, "Let History Speak", painted for the Coronado Historic Home Tour, 2011

History matters so much, and that's one reason why I am so happy to be invited to be a Plein Air painting artist at Coronado's Historic Home Tour each year. It's the one thing I feel my paints can speak loudly about, and I am so happy to be the artist to paint them.

I am so worried about the fabric of my lovely home town, Coronado. It's beautiful and historic homes are being bulldozed at an alarming rate. Once they are gone, they're gone for good. New crackerjack construction built in the name of "progress" and under the auspices of "larger square footage", cry of mediocracy and sadly
reek of greedy lowball construction.

There are a few notable construction companies in Coronado who do really fine work. I am always so impressed by the care and concern of one (unnamed) company, who lately offers the buyer of an old home a package which (for a tidy sum) includes a complete building renovation all the way down to the studs and foundation work. Their finished projects speak of care and compassion towards Coronado's historic character. If only every historic property in Coronado could attain this level of attention.

In bringing my message to people who care for historic homes, and in being able to talk with them during the tour, in being able to see their appreciation for my work, and appreciating their support in buying my paintings and prints, I feel I am doing my part. It makes my heart glad to stand up for the buildings that have stood up for us over these last 100 years. In painting them, I feel I am protecting them. In naming them, I announce their praises. I am in love with these places of beauty, and wish to bring love back to them by way of appreciation. Don't tear them down, cherish them, and build them up. Add on to them in a sensitive manner. Respect their heritage. They have much to tell, if you'll just take the time to really listen...

The painting I worked on during this year's tour,
The Hughes House on 8th and A Ave.

This is a commissioned work I just finished for
the proud owners of The Purvis Home on C Ave.

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Lisa Loria said...

Lovely work and post Valerie!
I ADORE old homes too, how stupid that
the city allows this. More tax revenue is why.
Fight on...I hear a grass roots movement stirring!