Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Giveaway Update

I am listed on this great site, Blog Giveaways, which features a TON of Giveaways every week, if you are into that sort of thing! Of course, if you are a regular bloggy reader, one knows you could easily spend your ENTIRE day reading and entering into blog giveaways... it's not too pretty.
Blog Giveaways
On another note, I have had a great response to my Giveaway, but I want MORE! (Why is it always that way?!) So, if you are an entering fool (and I know you are), I am offering a way for you to get BONUS POINTS! This is actually due to one very generous contestant, Dana, who posted a lovely and moving tribute to one of my classes on her blog. So, she gets Bonus Points! I was thrilled to hear how Dana felt about her afternoon at Val's Art Studio. Thank you, Dana!! A mention on your blog or Facebook page would suffice, but if you write an entire post, yes! you get BONUS POINTS (2). (And make sure to leave me a comment linking back to your post...) Hooray! So, get busy, Girls :o)

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