Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to YOU!

... from me, Val, and the Friendlys :o)

We are feeling very friendly over here on this Mother's Day, 2011, and are wishing your Mother's Day is extra special too. It doesn't matter whether you are the Mom to a brood, a few, or a cat, or a fish, or even just a house of books... We are wishing a day full of special cheer and relaxation coming your way.

I will be a busy Plein Air painting artist at the Coronado Historic Home Tour, so my day will be filled with doing what I love best. Though I have to admit, the weather is due to be spitty and gloomy, which puts a damper on my spirit... those sorts of days are best suited in the studio stitching up Friendlys. Wondering now if I will need to take an umbrella.... dress in woolies, wonder if my paints will be smeared with raindrops? We will keep the chin up over here, and paint our way through Mother's Day.

Loving this furry face!
xx, Val

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Marfa said...

So cute. I love the little tags...did you have those custom made? Happy Mother's day to you, too...are you painting with an easel? acrylic or oil paints? or watercolor? what subject? landscape, I assume?