Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yes Please, Miss

That dolly, Miss. Yes, that one there. miss, can you make another one for me, and make it look a bit like my sweet girl? She's got brown hair and eyes, and a smile as sweet as sugar. Miss, it's her birthday soon, and she'd so love a dolly just like that!

What's a girl to say to that? Why, YES, of course! Yes, yes, yes. So, the dolly came together in one whoosh of fabric messiness, and sewing stitch-stitch-stitches, and stuffing puffs, needle felting face love, embroidery stitches, capped off by wonderful crochet flowers I found at Paper Tales for $1.50 a packet.
(A deal 'cause I didn't have to crochet them myself... and the colors were perfect!)

Missy Dolly has gone to live with her new friend, but she won't be revealed until this weekend, upon a brand new "big girl bed", which is going to be a fantastic surprise too. Ahhh, to be a sweet little miss again, clapping hands in joy over a big girl bed, and a sweet dolly to love.

Enjoy sweet girl. You are so lucky and loved by a mommy who will order up a dolly who looks a tiny wee bit like you :o)

The Pincushion Giveaway will be chosen tomorrow afternoon. Get those last minute names in quick!!!!


Marfa said...

So cute...I love the pink and orange...delicate little green shoes...and heart! Is she wearing a scarf?

Valerie said...

Yes, Marfa, she has a kerchief on that's made of fabric with a lace trim and adorned with those sweet crocheted flowers. So came out so cute!
x, Val