Friday, June 10, 2011

Peace and Love... and time to Party!

Make Good is celebrating their One Year Anniversary with a Party! Tomorrow evening from 7-10... come out and party with the artists who like to make some happy handmade goodness... and their clients too :o)

In an effort to have my Friends there in full force, I am creating a batch of my Handmade Friendlys, and am scrambling to get them completed in time for the festivities. Yes, these Guys are pretty happy to be involved with the "goings-on", and are hurrying me towards the sewing machine (no time to stop for photos!!)

Mr. Peace and Mr. Love are ready for the next step in the completion process... they are on the Left...

... and here are Belly and Button (hee hee!)

OK! Off to the sewing machine now. Hope to see you tomorrow night in the hubbub of Artistic Goodness over at Make Good. Cheers!!
~x, Val


Terrie said...

Wish you a good weekend and party !

Sandy Michelle said...

They are just too cute girl!