Monday, July 25, 2011

Ahh, summer....

How is yours going? I hope you are finding some time for winding down and relaxation! We are home for the time being, and continuing working on our "fixer-upper" here in Pt. Loma. Our courtyard was finally bricked in last week, and we are finally able to sit outside and enjoy a half finished backyard! Planting is next, plus some painting work, and then on to the front yard. The jobs never end, do they?!

Here's where I am at the summer mid-point, the Goods and the Bads...
  • Working on new designs for my fall shows, including Women's Wear Pieces (Good!)
  • Hiring some new girls to help me fulfill orders and keep my designs chugging along (so Good!, especially since one is an awesome sewing girl :o)
  • Uggh, started the summer with the change (uggh, Bad), but have a new doc who suggested a natural helper (Ahh, Good! -no more hot spells! Thanking God double time for this one!)
  • Learned some tricks to help my computer, which was becoming sluggish and was refusing to listen to me (So Bad), but we are back on solid ground now. Yea! So good!
  • Worrying non-stop about my boys, full fledge into their teen years... hoping we have the strength to make it through this chapter (good and bad, right?!)
  • Readying for yet another move (bad, but good too).... back to Coronado this time. Our fixing up of Tex's Pt. Loma house is going so splendidly that my mom wants to move over here with Tex. His Alzheimers is progressing, and we think it would do him a world of good to get back into his house, a place where he feels safe and secure. So, a house swap it is, however we are going to live with my Mom's belongings and visa-versa. Non conventional, but that's what families do, right?!
  • Looking so forward to moving back to my beloved Coronado (a Good that makes my heart so happy!)
  • I ordered myself a real dressmaker mannequin! Yippee! I've wanted one for ... oh, about 33 years... (good!)
  • Thinking about fostering one of Bob's PWD puppies... he wants to keep two puppies, but wants to talk to us about fostering one. How come I'm over the moon excited at this idea? Really Val! A puppy in the house? (SO GOOD!)
Well, there's a small snippet of my summer... I hope yours is going So Good too, even if there are a couple of (bads) here and there. Heck, take a moment to stick your feet out in the sunshine, and it all turns GOOD! Enjoy...
x, Val

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