Friday, July 15, 2011


Cornerstone Gardens was one of the highlights of our recent trip to Northern CA. Located just outside of Napa, in the heart of the wine country, it is an artistic colony, filled with garden oriented places where one can imagine, dream, and ponder life's mysteries. There is a restaurant and, of course, wine tasting there, plus a few eclectic shops. We got there late, but many areas stayed open past closing time so we could wander through. Once we hit the garden installations, we were in heaven. There were kitchen gardens, art gardens, interactive garden spaces, and more. It is a place for exploration, learning and wonder, designed by world renowned landscape architects. It was a delight to even our boys, for there was much to see and do there.

Check out some photos from the gardens, as well as a wonderful salvage shop we explored, called Artefact.

The robins were in the business of being a part of our daily movements. They were everywhere, and never seemed nervous, now matter how close you got to them!

Overcome with inspiration and "art-power", Kyle decided running wild though my photo shots was an art piece in itself. I guess it kind of is... I have always told my boys that we aren't completely A-ok if we aren't just a tad bit "freak-ish", or weird. I guess my words ... stuck...

I love the energy and design that went into making Artefact what it is. It's a special spot, as well as the whole of Cornerstone Gardens. Don't let a trip to the wine country go by without a visit to Cornerstone. You'll be really glad you did!
x, Val

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Marfa said...

So many neat interactive piece of art! Perhaps one of these days we'll head that way...