Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brilliant Day

Truly, it's been a brilliant weekend, and I feel so happy to welcome my niece to town! My sister and she drove down on Friday, to get J set up in her new dorm room at University of San Diego. We shared all sorts of weekend welcome activities with them, all set to make the incoming freshmen feel like they are entering into a family of support. It's all been so exciting to watch J branch off into a new and wondrous phase of her life.

I have to admit was quite choked up during the Welcome Mass, and all the beautiful things that were said, and so happy to share my faith more closely with this part of my family. The Mass ended in such a touching way, the freshmen students were asked to remain sitting while all their family gathered around them, put their hands on them, and offered a beautiful blessing for their stepping off into the new life and adventures awaiting them. Ahhh, J, you are so lucky, for the next phase of life is challenging, but one of the best times in life ever!

Welcome, J! Go with God, and we will be right here if you need a helping hand along the way!
xxoo, Auntie Val (and G, D and K)

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